Monday, June 18, 2012


I've just watched the new video of "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy".  I can remember watching the first version years ago as it played on PBS after coming over from the BBC.  In that one, Alec Guinness was remarkable playing the very understated George Smiley.  In the new one, Gary Oldman is equally remarkable playing that part.  The movie is a superb telling of a period during the Cold War when word came that there was a Russian mole high in the British Secret Service and the struggle to locate and identify that mole.  If he really existed.  If you can take the slow pace of a thinking man's spy thriller, this is a great movie which I highly recommend.

This is Alec Guinness as Smiley.

And this is Gary Oldman playing the same role.


  1. I saw this in the theater when it came out and loved it. However, my companion fell asleep. It was a little too slow paced for him. I too remember the original and enjoyed that one too. But, I'm a sucker for anyting British. Thank goodness for Masterpiece Theater.

  2. I'd heard it was slow, but if you recommend it I'll give it a try.

  3. It is indeed a thinking viewer/reader's film. We saw it in a theatre and loved it, as did the 3/4 full house.
    Oldman plays him well.

  4. I enjoyed the movie and have it on DVD.

  5. I've never seen the new movie ... I always think of Alec Guinness as Smiley. Will have to see it one day :)

  6. I'll make it a point to see it. Thanks for the review.


  7. This movie felt like what it must feel like to write your thesis on What Exists At the End of the Universe. My husband hung in there but I jumped ship.


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