Tuesday, November 20, 2012


In case you didn't know, Thursday is Thanksgiving Day.  It's the annual day of feasting, overeating and napping between football games.  This year I volunteered to do the turkey (breast), the dressing, the sweet potatoes and the gravy.  The real cook in the family will do the rest.

So today I began the early prep work on the dressing, which involved tearing up two loaves of bread.

Does that look like a lot of bread to you?  It sure does to me.  It's going into the turned-off-but-with-the-light-on oven for 24 hours now to dry.

SWMBO assured me that the bread will shrink once the wet ingredients are added and she reminded me that I love dressing.  I can eat it hot or cold.  I can eat it in a sandwich.  I can eat it with a spoon standing in front of the refrigerator.  So lots of dressing will be okay with me.  

Tomorrow the bread will be combined with two pounds of breakfast sausage, celery, onion, eggs and a bunch of spices.  Then it will be refrigerated until being baked Thursday.  

I don't know about you but I'm getting hungry.

As for today's Gratuitous Critter picture, I think this guy is just looking for a snack.

"I'm lookin' for food in all the wrong places."


  1. Silly raccoon :)

    I started to say that I wish I liked dressing (I don't like sage), but actually I eat PLENTY even without adding dressing to my plate!

  2. I've watched Mrs. Chatterbox make dressing many times and I think you have the right amount of bread. I know we have a few loaves getting stale in the kitchen even as I write this. Do you put cumin in your dressing?

  3. I am a dressing fan, but we (the two of us) have never cooked a turkey. I guess it sounds strange.

  4. SWMBO is not a big fan of turkey and especially loathes the dark meat so we've done a turkey breast for years now. This time will be my first, I think. To cook, that is.

  5. Wow! I better start doing something in the kitchen!
    Nice job!

  6. Looks good. I need to do that as well. Love me some dressing.