Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I have spoken written here frequently about our monsoon in Arizona, that time of year when we get most of our rainfall.

This year, after a spotty start, it has been abundant.

And that produces this.

A beautiful greening of the landscape as far as the eye can see.

Normally this is dry brown brush but right now, for a little while, it makes one think of Ireland.

This (above) is the view of our savannah, so-named by SWMBO because of the golden pasture most of the year.

But right now it's all greened up, giving the rabbits and whatever else lurks there, a different sort of paradise.

Even the slopes of our (hopefully extinct) volcano(?) are swathed in green.

It is a beautiful period of the year and one can nearly forget that we live in the high desert for awhile.


  1. Looks good. We have been dry for a week and a half.


  2. Wow, it's looking really great. I should probably take a drive up there to visit my sister.

  3. Very enjoyable to see the sun rise over those hills every morning. Nice way to start the day with a dog.

  4. That IS quite beautiful! But then, there's that volcano thing...

  5. I love the landscapes of Arizona and New Mexico but often forget that they can be green as well as vivid earthy red/ yellow/burnt sienna. Nioce photos and I like your new header.

  6. Beautiful scenes. So unusual, to me, to see such a green Arizona.

  7. The pictures look exactly what the area around here look like in late May, early June. Now it's brown, bone dry, and prime to burn.

  8. hard to believe it looks like desert most of the year.

  9. A little green before a little white? ;)

  10. who can believe it is a desert but if it is you captured it when it turned into beautiful lashing green landscape
    love the third pic it has everything eye desires

  11. Those are beautiful pictures that make me wish I was in Arizona (something I never thought I'd say).

    It's been rainy in Houston, but I'm in the city, so I don't get the beautiful side effects in my environment that you've got there.

  12. It is a feast for the eyes. I love it when the landscape greens up.

  13. I recall flying from bone dry and hot Phoenix to Minneapolis and when we got our rental and drove to Gull Lake Cakes and I were stunned by the greenery.

    We could use a little monsoon in SoCal.

    1. We had the same reaction after living in Phoenix for a year and then making a trip to San Diego and seeing ivy growing on the pillars holding up overpasses on the highways.

  14. Beautiful countryside. I don't think I've ever seen Arizona so green. Enjoy.