Saturday, February 18, 2017


That storm that's been hammering the West Coast of the United States has moved east into Arizona and environs.

It arrived sometime in the early morning hours.

SWMBO said the wind was blowing like crazy last night.

This morning the wind has died down, at least for the moment, but it's very wet out there.

I don't mind a rainy day now and then and the morning newspaper says the lakes around Prescott are full to capacity for the first time in a few years so that's good.

There is some danger from flooding out in the rural areas but the public has been well warned.

In the meantime, it's just a little blurry out the window of my den.

Inside it's warm and I have the Metropolitan Opera playing.

Hope your Saturday is pleasant as well.


  1. It's raining here in the Phoenix area too. I stayed inside and wrote something funny for my Agent 54 blog. Have a great day.

  2. It certainly looks wet and disagreeable!

  3. We've had a few days of hard rain here in Portland but today it's just drizzly and somber.

  4. The trouble with rain on the weekend, is you just can't do any yard work; the nice thing about rain on a weekend is pretty much the same thing.

  5. Nice day to stay inside by the fire.

  6. Out here on the California Central Coast we have more wind. We had 4 inches of rain in 3 days and that on top of a saturated region. At our house we've had just a tick under 37 inches this season. We will end the rain season with more than anytime in our almost 11 years in Cambria. No drought this year and most of the reservoirs are back to normal or above. The snow cover in the Sierra-about 5 hours from here is above normal. Plenty of slides, downed trees and localized flooding. Yesterday in our region the wind, almost 71 mph, blew over two semi trucks and a fifth wheel RV.
    One of the blow overs occurred near the intersection where James Dean was killed.

  7. Rained here yesterday. Likely rain tomorrow. Off protesting on Monday...

  8. It is sunny and warm here which is unusual for February!

  9. We are experementing the rain here in Tempe as well so no change compared to Toulouse except for the temperature... still, enjoying a lot the fact of being here.

    1. How long are you going to be around? Any chance of getting together somewhere?

  10. Today we had upper 50s and occasional sprinkles here in my section of Missouri. Supposed to be 70s all through next week. I'm still waiting for my snow.

  11. It was very windy Friday night down here too. The sliding glass door kept rattling all evening. Yesterday was rain on and off all day long and very dark skies and this morning, about the same. It will make for some great wildflowers in a week or too!

  12. Wonder if that is the storm that's due here in Dallas overnight and tomorrow? We're always in need of rain, especially in the spring, to get us through the upcoming summer. Enjoy your opera. :)