Saturday, September 13, 2014


It's a special Saturday treat.  (or not)  

This is some of my favorite music.

and . . .

and also . . .

and then, there's . . .

Yes, I know about "The Thrill is Gone" and I love it but I like that one, too.

And if you're still with me, a change of pace . . .

and I haven't even really got to the jazz or some of the country yet.

Now laugh if you will but I grew up on this on television . . .

Let me tell you, I could have been (was) a great disk jockey on one of those free-form radio stations.


  1. You must have forgotten Fats Domino. Lawrence Welk proved you don't need to speak good English in America to be a millionaire.

    1. Fats was the first "celebrity" I interviewed in my radio days. Lawrence Welk also proved you could be born in North Dakota and still become rich and famous. (Along with Peggy Lee, Angie Dickinson and others.)

  2. Born in North Dakota and neither rich nor famous.

  3. As a young person I'd watch Soul Train and hang around to laugh at Lawrence Welk afterwards. These days I'm more inclined to like Lawrence Welk.

  4. And now you are a VJ--video jockey. An inspired set you have treated us with.

  5. Love Pink Martini....did you read that Joe Sample passed on? I saw him once in Portland.


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